Acquisition Services

Whether you’re looking for a new or pre-owned aircraft, the acquisition experts at Elliott Aviation invite you to not only upgrade to the right aircraft for your requirements – but also to upgrade the entire experience of acquiring an aircraft. Elliott Aviation serves as your partner during this process, representing and protecting your interests from start to finish.

Experienced Negotiators

Our expertise in acquisitions comes from years of experience purchasing and selling aircraft. In fact, we’ve been handling aircraft acquisitions since 1936. That means decade after decade of experience negotiating aircraft deals and securing the best aircraft for our clients based on facts and research, not emotion. We also save you money, because we are your partner in the process, not the middle man. And, as your partner, we invite you to participate in the process as much or as little as you desire.

Knowledge-Based Process

Our long experience in aircraft acquisition has enabled us to develop a proven acquisition process that helps alleviate much of the risk in aircraft transactions. We know all the potential pitfalls and how to avoid them. We know where to find the right aircraft. We know what to look for in contracts and how to draft them. Our experienced team scrutinizes every aspect of a transaction, poring over maintenance records and previous maintenance providers. We maintain an in-house research staff that tracks real-time market conditions and provides deeper insights than our competition. The Elliott acquisition experts know what has sold, for how much and why it was the next to sell, giving us a clear advantage in the market when acquiring an aircraft on your behalf.

Technical Expertise and Capabilities

As a total-capability aviation services provider, we bring a higher level of technical expertise to the acquisition process. Our well-trained and highly-qualified inspection staff performs all pre-buy inspections, following ISO-9000 procedures and informed by years of experience conducting countless inspections. We also offer complete modification capabilities for the aircraft you purchase—all from one source – including paint, interior and avionics modifications. With everything from pre-purchase inspections to post-purchase modifications all under one roof, we can upgrade your newly acquired aircraft, exactly to your specifications, in the fastest, most efficient manner with a quality that is second to none. We provide complete administrative management of the entire process for you, always keeping your best interests in mind.

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