Elliott Aviation’s aircraft appraiser is accredited by the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) as Accredited Senior Appraisers to ensure the most fair price and evaluation of your aircraft.

Appraiser accreditation is based on appraisal education, experience, intensive written and verbal examinations and submission of acceptable appraisal reports. ASA Accredited Senior Appraisers must have a four-year college degree, a minimum of five years of full-time appraisal experience, must adhere to the ASA’s Principles of Appraisal Practice and Code of Ethics and to the nationally recognized standards of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). A 15-hour USPAP course and exam are also required. Each accredited appraiser must furnish professional and personal references and are subject to local background and credit investigations. Local ASA chapters also evaluate the practices and conduct personal interviews with all applicants. In addition to the initial accreditation, ASA accredited appraisers are required to participate in twenty hours per year of continuing education.

ASA-accredited appraisers are experts. The meticulous ASA accreditation process ensures that ASA-accredited appraisers are accurate, impartial, and credible. They are educated and experienced in their fields and are respected members of their communities. Most importantly, they deliver independent valuations that assure property is appraised at its appropriate value.

One of ASA’s primary objectives is to ensure ethical practices and procedures on the part of its members. The society is diligent in its efforts to strengthen and uphold the Principles of Appraisal Practice and Code of Ethics (the code of conduct to which all members must subscribe) in order to protect the client.

Why Hire an ASA Accredited Appraiser?

  • ASA-accredited appraisers provide the best valuation expertise available on the market, and their appraisals provide unmatched credibility in all legal proceedings.
  • ASA members earn their accreditations only after completing a rigorous evaluation process that requires years of study, dedication and commitment.
  • ASA is the oldest and only major appraisal organization representing all of the disciplines of appraisal specialists. The society originated in 1936 and incorporated in 1952.
  • ASA, along with other leading appraisal societies, founded the Appraisal Foundation to set the generally accepted and recognized standards of professional appraisal practice in the United States. The Appraisal Foundation was recognized by Congress as the source of Appraisal Standards and Appraiser Qualifications.
  • ASA Accredited appraisers follow both the professional standards set forth by the Appraisal Foundation and ASA’s own stringent Code of Ethics and Principles of Appraisal Practice.

Questions to Ask Your Appraiser

  • What is your general appraisal and educational background?
  • What specific experience do you have with the type of item I want to have appraised?
  • Are you a member of a professional appraisal society? Does that society teach, test and accredit?
  • Do you hold a special designation issued by an appraisal society?
  • Is that designation based on successfully completing written examinations?
  • How long ago did you take the examinations?
  • What continuing education have you undertaken to keep up-to-date in the field?
  • Has the appraisal society you belong to adopted a mandatory reaccreditation program to ensure that your education and knowledge are current?
  • What do you charge for your services, and on what do you base your fee?
  • Are you required by your appraisal society to adhere to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP)?

About the American Society of Appraisers

The American Society of Appraisers is an international organization of appraisal professionals and others interested in the appraisal profession. ASA is the oldest and only major appraisal organization representing all of the disciplines of appraisal specialists.

ASA members perform appraisals for one or more of the disciplines listed. They also belong to one or more chapters that are grouped into geographic regions.

ASA is run by a Board of Governors made up of representatives from the disciplines and regions. In addition, ASA has two other affiliated organizations – our Educational Foundation and our Political Action Committee. ASA also has the ASA College of Fellows, which is comprised of Accredited Senior Appraisers who have been recognized by their peers and the College of Fellows for their contributions to ASA and the appraisal profession. For more information, visit

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