Brokerage Services

Upgrade to a better brokerage partner – the Elliott experts have the unique knowledge and experience to sell your aircraft more quickly – for a better price.

Market Knowledge

In aircraft brokerage, knowing current market conditions helps get results. With Elliott, you benefit from a dedicated, in-house research staff that provides ongoing market analysis. This allows us to detect trends, better forecast market activity and set a price that accurately reflects market conditions—so your aircraft sells at the best possible price in the least amount of time.

Technical Expertise

The Elliott Experts have spent decades buying, selling, maintaining, repairing and modifying aircraft. We know what needs to be checked and what needs to be fixed to ensure a prompt and successful sale. And, at inspection time, we are also the experts in negotiating squawk lists. This is part of the substantial value that Elliott brings to the brokerage process.

Aircraft Sales Experience

When you choose Elliott Aviation as your brokerage partner, you gain access to a sales team with a proven record of results buying and selling aircraft for over seven decades. A team that is in constant communication with you and with each other. The Elliott brokerage experts have built strong relationships with a large network of brokers, dealers and individual buyers throughout the country. Through this vast network, we can find qualified buyers quickly and efficiently, sometimes before your aircraft officially hits the market.

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