A Midwest Leader in Private Charter Flight

Elliott Aviation offers the highest-quality, on-demand private charter services, and one of the largest fleets of private jets and turboprops in the Midwest. With flexible flight scheduling and three convenient locations in Minneapolis, MN, Des Moines, IA and Moline, IL, it’s easy to enjoy the benefits of flying charter with Elliott.

Charter can enhance your productivity

We believe flying charter is a wise investment of your time, paying off in dividends of enhanced efficiency and greater productivity. You fly when and where you want on your own schedule. If you are delayed in a meeting, there’s no need to worry. The flexibility of our charter services ensure you won’t miss your flight, unlike the airlines.

Once onboard, you can be as productive as you are in the office. You’ll enjoy a quiet, relaxed setting where you can rehearse a speech, conduct a private meeting or conference call, answer email, preview sales data and presentations, or just relax so you can arrive well-prepared and refreshed for your next meeting.

Charter can save you time

With the ability to fly in and out of more than 5,000 public-use airports in the United States—more than 100 times that of the airlines*, you have direct access to the communities in which you do business.

With Elliott Aviation’s charter services, you never have to arrive two hours early to check in and stand in long security lines, or have to change airplanes to reach your destination. We’ll transport you to where you need to be in a fraction of the time it takes an airline, giving you more time to conduct business in a day and still be home with your family that evening.

Charter can save you money

Charter is a great value when compared to typical travel expenses. Most executives and professional staff pay first-class or business-class fares, require a taxi or transportation to and from the nearest large, commercial airport, and need hotel accommodations, meals and incidentals because inefficient airline travel requires an overnight stay.

For company employees, especially executives, the hours spent traveling on airlines is costly downtime. A $200,000/year executive earns about $100/hour but his or her value to the company is actually about $570/hour. Every time an executive waits in a security line or spends time changing planes, thousands of dollars of productive time are being lost by the company.

*NBAA Aircraft Charter Consumer Guide

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