Elite Series Flight Deck

Providing aircraft owners with the highest level of safety and performance is our number one goal. Elliott Aviation’s elite series flight deck offers owners of experienced aircraft this level of safety and performance while extending the useful life and enhancing the residual value of these aircraft.

Elliott has received Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) for their elite series flight deck in a variety of airframes including; Citation I, II and V-series, Citation III, Citation VI, Falcon 10, and 100 aircraft.

The elite series flight deck offers enhanced situational awareness and reduced pilot workload for safer flying. The panel hosts a three-display Universal Avionics EFI-890R primary flight display, including the Universal Super Flight Management System built upon the popular UNS-1 product design.

Universal Vision-1 Synthetic Vision enhances flight displays by integrating three-dimensional terrain images with the pilot’s primary flight instruments, offering both a “pilot’s-eye” view of the terrain in the direction of the aircraft heading, as well as exocentric views from a position above and behind the aircraft. The Universal Cockpit Display (UCD) allows pilots to display charts and approach plates for “heads-up” flying.

Options include: RVSM, TCAS, TAWS, NEXRAD Uplink Weather, and all other mandated avionics equipment.

Citation I, II, SII, V Avionics Before

Citation I, II, SII, V Avionics After

Citation III/VI Avionics Before

Citation III/VI Avionics After

Falcon 10/100 Avionics Before

Falcon 10/100 Avionics After