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Elliott Aviation has installed over 300 G1000 avionics packages in King Air airplanes, more than all other dealers in the world, combined. The G1000 is available in the King Air C90, B200/200 and 300/350. The future of avionics for the King Air has arrived in the form of Garmin’s G1000NXi – taking this classic airframe to the next level of safety and performance.

The G1000NXi features state-of-the-art display monitors and a full menu of features designed for safer and more efficient flying. Combine the modern look of the G1000 with a custom paint job, interior refurbishment, maintenance inspections and/or airframe modifications from Elliott Aviation, and you can transform your King Air into the aircraft of your dreams while greatly increasing its value.

With all of our experience comes better quality, shorter downtime and ultimately, better pricing, than you’ll find anywhere else.

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Over 200 Garmin G1000 Installations and Still Going Strong – Customer Video

King Air 200 Before

King Air 200 After

The “Big Picture”

The G1000 system features a 15-inch “big picture” Multi-Function Display (MFD), with a 10-inch Primary Flight Display (PFD) on each side. These monitors offer high-resolution XGA (1024 x768 pixel) color screens with wide viewing angles, advanced back-lighting, and crystal-sharp readability, even in bright sunlight.

The center MFD is used for engine and fuel systems monitoring, and also provides a detailed moving-map displaying the aircraft’s position in relation to ground features, chart data, navaids, flight plan routings, and more. The map display is designed to allow pilots to add or delete overlays such as graphical weather, lightning, traffic, terrain and other avoidance system advisories in order to customize the map view at any given phase of the flight.

The pilot and co-pilot PFDs incorporate aircraft attitude, airspeed, climb rate, altimeter and horizontal course/heading information – as well as Flight Director command bar cues and mode information when combined with Garmin’s GFC 700 automatic flight control system.

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The Total Package

The complete, integrated avionics suite in the G1000 and G1000NXi package replaces all existing avionics equipment and wiring and takes only three weeks to install. The new lighter equipment significantly reduces the gross weight of the aircraft and comes with a full 2-year equipment warranty. With an extensive list of easy-to-use features, the G1000 and G1000NXi provides safer and more efficient operation, and with new SafeTaxi Airport charts and Garmin’s exclusive Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT), pilots can be assured of greater situational awareness both in the air and on the ground.

Other features of the G1000 include:

  • Dual integrated radio modules, providing WAAS-certified GPS; VHF navigation with ILS; and VHF communication with 16-watt transceivers and 25kHz or 8.33 kHz channel spacing
  • Dual Mode-S transponders with Traffic Information Service
  • Dual solid-state Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS)
  • Dual RVSM-compliant digital air data computers
  • Three-axis digital Automatic Flight Control System
  • Four-color digital weather radar with stabilization
  • Integrated Class-B TAWS with worldwide terrain and U.S. obstacles database
  • XM Satellite Radio datalink receiver

The Garmin G1000NXi Features the Following Upgrades Over the Standard G1000:

  • SurfaceWatch runway monitoring technology
  • Optional cockpit connectivity including automated database transfer
  • MFD display-like in the HSI on the PFD (can include SafeTaxi, flight plan, METAR’s and more)
  • Greater display resolution and brightness
  • Improved map performance
  • Many more improvements!

The G1000NXi package is also ADS-B compliant and compatible with Blackhawk Engine conversions.

For more information, contact Conrad Theisen, Elliott Aviation’s Director of Avionics Sales, at 877.456.3100 or email

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