ECMO Transport System

ECMO Transport System (ETS)

The ECMO Transport System is an FAA-approved medical platform. It is lightweight, portable, and functional in many modes of transportation, including ambulance and fixed-wing aircraft. The ECMO equipment and circuitry are all contained within the footprint of the frame, with independent gas and electrical systems incorporated into the design. Space for eight infusion pumps, a circuit heater, lighting, and an air/oxygen blender is also provided within the framework. Slide-out trays make the equipment and circuitry accessible, while multiple attachment points can accommodate the use of a variety of patient monitors, ventilators, and infusion pumps. The ETS five-point harness system provides safe restraint for patients ranging from infant to adult.

Medical Equipment

The ETS shown was specifically designed, engineered, and tested to hold the following medical equipment:

    • Pulmonetics LTV 1200 Ventilator
    • Cincinnati SubZero Heater
    • Sechrist Air/Oxygen Blender
    • Jostra Quadrox D or iD Oxygenator
    • Maquet Rotaflow Centrifugal Pump
    • Levitronix CentriMag Centrifugal Pump
    • B. Braun Space Perfusor Medication Infusion Pump (8)
    • Phillips MP2 Patient Monitor
    • Spectrum M3 Monitor
    • Alaris Triple Channel IV Pumps
    • Aluminum E Cylinder Air
    • Aluminum E Cylinder Oxygen

Other medical equipment may be used depending on size requirements. We will install medical equipment specific to an operator’s needs.