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Medical Interiors

Air Ambulance Expertise

We understand the importance of having a well-designed interior to support the critical work that takes place inside an air ambulance during a medical flight. Our expert designers and technicians have created and installed numerous medical interiors, providing our clients with cabins that meet their specific mission requirements.

Reconfiguring the executive cabin of an aircraft to a medical-focused cabin allows for better functionality, resulting in improved critical care transport. All our medical interiors are designed to meet the most stringent international guidelines and fashioned to keep both patients and care personnel feeling comfortable in a highly functional setting.

Working with Elliott Aviation on your next medical reconfiguration puts our expertise and experience to work for you. Please contact us to begin the next steps on getting your fixed-wing medical aircraft up and flying.

Download “Converting an Interior: Executive Configuration to Air Medical” by Adam Doyle, Paint & Interior Sales Manager, by Clicking Here

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Amazing Children’s Air Ambulance Transformation

In this video you can witness the transformation of a King Air 350 – Elliott Aviation worked with the Starship Air Ambulance team (for the Starship Foundation) to upgrade the aircraft’s avionics, complete a custom graphic paint scheme, and complete a medical interior reconfiguration.

The final product is focused on providing the children at the Starship Foundation with a fun design, helping to ease their stress and hopefully bring a smile to their faces.

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