Non-Destructive Testing

Elliott Aviation has ASNT NDT Level III and Level II certified personnel on staff, providing eddy current (ET), ultrasound (UT), liquid penetrant (PT), and magnetic particle (MT) testing. With Hawker Beechcraft and Cessna certifications, our state-of-the-art equipment and NDT-certified technicians can efficiently fulfill testing requirements and detect discrepancies not typically visible with the naked eye. Our in-house NDT capabilities help us reduce downtimes and expenses for our customers by eliminating the hassle of sending components out to third-party companies for non-destructive testing. Elliott Aviation’s NDT services are also available for off-site inspections.

AD 2020-26-16 Piper Aircraft Inc.

This airworthiness directive was issued on December 30, 2020, with an effective date of February 16, 2021.  AD 2020-26-16 affects multiple models of Piper Aircraft. The FAA estimates over 5,000 aircraft will be affected per the 5,000 hour TIS constraint listed in AD 2020-26-16.  To comply with Piper Aircraft AD 2020-26-16, operators generally need to schedule their wing spar inspection with their local repair facility. At Elliott Aviation, we have a dedicated team of Level II & III NDT Technicians available for travel to complete the Eddy Current requirement of AD 2020-26-16.

Mark Nistler – Lead Technician NDT Level III

Mark joined Elliott Aviation this year and has 28 years of experience in the aviation industry and as an NDT Technician, starting his career in 1987. Being an NDT Certified Level III technician, Mark can train and test for Certification, level I, and II NDT Technicians. He also has his A&P license, Honeywell 731 Engine Certifications on Automated eddy current inspections on Fan Disc, HPT Disc, #2 LPT Blades, #3 LPT Blades, Fan Blades, Ultrasonic Inspections on engine main frames, Cessna Citation NDT Certification, and Hawker Beechcraft King Air Structural Repair Certification on wing attach fittings. He states, “I have always been interested in aviation; joining the Air Force reinforced the desire to continue my interest and knowledge of aircraft. Now it’s fun just going to work and being around airplanes.” Mark enjoys the people he works with. “Even after 28 years of being in aviation, I run into technicians who I learn technical detail from.”