Pro Line 21 Modernization

The Leading Installer of Pro Line 21 Modernization

As the #1 installer of Pro Line 21™ modernization, the team at Elliott Aviation has installed more systems than any other dealer. What does this mean for you? It means you should take a look at the Pro Line 21™ modernization options for King Air, Hawker, and Premier – the options have never been more flexible or affordable. Enjoy all the benefits of Pro Line 21 modernization such as WAAS/LPV, upgraded FMS, and new screens and software without having to pay for ADS-B or synthetic vision.

Our customers trust us with their Pro Line 21 upgrades because:

• We’ve installed more Pro Line 21 modernization packages than any other dealer in the world.

• On average, we complete one Pro Line 21 upgrade every month.

• We are an authorized service facility for Hawker, King Air, and Premier aircraft.

• Many of our technicians have over 20 years experience.

• Elliott Aviation is the one-stop-shop paint, interior, maintenance, accessories, and avionics capabilities.

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Synthetic Vision

Synthetic vision displays the conditions outside on your PFD. It clearly show items such as terrain and runways, regardless of the actual visual environmental conditions. Designed to maintain peak situational awareness, synthetic vision reduces pilot workload and distractions for better safety in flight and on takeoff and landing.


  • Increased Situational Awareness
  • Better Terrain Awareness
  • Reduced Pilot Workload
  • Easy, Intuitive Upgrade that Requires Minimal Training
  • 3D Terrain with Airport, Runway, and Flight Plan Symbology

Integrated Flight Information System – (IFIS)

The IFIS system in the Pro Line 21 modernization package gives you the latest options in electronic charts, weather, and enhanced navigation maps. Once integrated, the flight management system automatically loads the appropriate electronic charts, including alternates, as the departure and destination airports are entered into the FMS. This decreases heads downtime and crew workload, and increases crew efficiency.


  • Electronic Charts
  • Graphical Weather (Universal Weather for Aircraft Equipped with VHF Data Link, XM Optional)
  • Enhanced Navigation Maps

WAAS GPS-4000s

The WAAS-enabled GPS-4000S allows pilots to utilize GPS as their primary means of navigation. This means you can utilize the GPS system without reliance on other navigation for en-route operations and approaches, such as RNAV (GPS) approaches. With the GPS-4000S, you can take advantage of Localizer Performance with Vertical guidance (LPV) approaches if your FMS is equipped with the LPV function.


  • Primary Means of Navigation
  • Streamlined Pre-Flight Procedures
  • More Options for Alternate Airports


LPV approaches are an essential upgrade for your aircraft that lower Decision Altitudes on RNAV approaches to as low as 200 feet with 1/2 mile of visibility. Paired with a WAAS-GPS, this approach can get you into over 3,300 airports in the US and over 170 in Canada, with more being added every year. This can get you closer to your destination with more variability in conditions.


  • Land More Places, More Often
  • New Vertically-Guided Approaches to Airports Not Equipped with ILS Approach Systems
  • Additional Backup for ILS


All aircraft flying in controlled US airspace are required to meet ADS-B Out requirements.

ADS-B technology enables aircraft to continuously broadcast GPS including aircraft position, heading, and velocity, even in areas that have no traditional radar facilities. The mandate is intended to increase safety while decreasing separation minimums between aircraft. Upgrading with a Pro Line 21 Modernization package meets all ADS-B mandates.