GoGo Wi-Fi Data & Voice

Being connected while in flight has become an unwritten requirement. Make your aircraft as efficient as your office with email, voice, and high-speed internet installed by Elliott Aviation’s expert technicians. Featuring industry-leading technology, you can make the most of your valuable time in the air. Contact us today to discuss in-air high-speed data options that best fit your aircraft.

Elliott Aviation has many Wi-Fi STC’s for installation in multiple aircraft including Hawker 800/850/900, Phenom 300, King Air 350, and King Air B200/B200GT.


Gogo Biz operates over an exclusive network of ground wireless towers in the U.S. It uses a modified version of the same technology employed by Sprint, Verizon, and others to provide nationwide mobile coverage.

Surf the Internet, send and receive an email with attachments, and log into your corporate VPN using your own personal laptop, smartphones, and tablets. Performing at the fastest, most affordable airborne data speeds, Gogo Biz truly allows you to use your wireless devices to do in the air virtually everything you do on the ground. So you stay every bit as connected and productive.


Gogo® Text & Talk: Use your own phone and your own number… in flight.

Use your own smartphone to call and text in the air, just like you do on the ground. If you’re flying and someone dials your number — it rings. Same with texting — it just works. Your address book and caller ID? It all works too, just like it does on the ground. The Gogo® OnePhone: Our latest innovation in cabin handsets

  • Advanced noise reduction technology
  • Large, bright touchscreen display
  • Easy, intuitive interface
  • Android-based platform

Gogo L5 Avance:

The Gogo L5 Avance gives you a 4G performance in flight, with speeds three times faster than L3. The Gogo L5 Avance system allows you to combine all of your online access including streaming, moving maps, and real-time data for cockpit apps. The L5 Avance system can combine up to 40 devices at a time in your aircraft.


  • Up to 40 devices connected at one time
  • Full internet access with streaming
  • Simple Gogo Biz 4G service plan pricing

Gogo L3 Avance:

The Gogo L3 Avance system is an affordable broadband option. Based on your budget, you can choose from three configurations (Core, Plus, and Max).


  • Five devices maximum
  • Intended for light internet use
  • Hourly plans available


  • Seven devices maximum
  • Full internet access (no streaming)
  • Monthly and annual plans available


  • 25 devices maximum
  • Full internet access (no streaming)
  • Monthly and annual plans available

ATG Systems:

ATG systems are still trusted by thousands of aircraft across North America. The ATG systems allow you to use your own device to make calls and send texts in-flight. ATG 2000, 4000, and 5000 allow you to access 3G internet speeds in-flight. Enjoy seamless coverage aboard any aircraft across the Continental U.S. and portions of Alaska; Canada coming soon. Stay connected to your life below.

For more information, contact Bill Forbes, Elliott Aviation’s Director of Avionics Sales, by emailing avionics@elliottaviation.com.