Elliott Aviation leads the industry in installation expertise, with avionics upgrades that increase the safety, performance, and value of your aircraft. Committed to delivering innovative aircraft solutions, we have been a world leader in gaining STCs for the installation of high-technology equipment – FMS, WiFi, TCAS, TAWS, EGPWS, Flat Panel Systems, and others – in a variety of turbine aircraft. And we have developed RVSM solutions for a range of turbine aircraft. The level of sophistication in Elliott Aviation’s engineering department keeps us at the forefront of new STC development.

Industry Recognition

Elliott is a consistent recipient of several other industry awards, including the top dealer award from Garmin, Rockwell Collins, and others.

Your Best Choice

When you come to an Elliott Aviation facility, you benefit from the buying power and vast resources at all Elliott facilities – personnel experience and expertise, the latest equipment, and our total aircraft solutions – all working together to assure you maximum value.

For more information, contact Bill Forbes at 877.456.3100 or email avionics@elliottaviation.com.

We also carry a full line of used avionics inventory – overhauled and serviceable units – featuring: Rockwell Collins, Honeywell, L3 Avionics, and more.


Elliott Aviation’s in-house, advanced engineering capability is a significant value-added service we offer our customers. Our staff develops STCs for new equipment installations and finds ways to interface new technology with existing equipment. We work with systems and modifications to provide increased safety, performance, and utility for your aircraft and are continuously coming up with technological innovations for total aircraft solutions.

Elliot Engineering Technicians with years of design and engineering expertise operating multiple CAD stations team to produce high quality, professional wiring diagrams. Because of their precision, Elliott Aviation wiring diagrams provide clear, concise instructions for our installers. And surprises are eliminated because the design is often completed long before your aircraft ever arrives at one of our facilities.

Complete documentation is provided for your aircraft, allowing for permanent record-keeping and FAA traceability. Advanced design and engineering systems also mean less downtime due to our ability to pre-engineer an installation.

To learn more about our extraordinary engineering capabilities, contact us at 800.447.6711 or email engineering@elliottaviation.com.

Authorized Avionics Sales, Service, and Repair Center

Elliott Aviation is an authorized sales, service, and repair center for an extensive list of products, modifications, and services. We have aligned ourselves with the most reputable companies in aviation technology in order to provide our customers with the highest quality of service and support in the industry.

Elliott Aviation is an authorized sales, service, and repair center for the following:

  • Audio International
  • Avidyne
  • BOSE
  • Century Flight Systems
  • Collins Aerospace
  • David Clark
  • Davtron
  • Easton Aerospace Optics
  • Gables Engineering
  • Garmin Avionics
  • Gogo Business Aviation
  • Heads-Up Technology
  • Insight Instruments
  • Kollsman/IDC
  • Northern Airborne Technologies
  • P.S. Engineering
  • R.C. Allen
  • Rosen Aviation
  • Safe Flight
  • Sandel
  • Shadin
  • Sigma Tek
  • Telex
  • United Instruments
  • Universal Avionics