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The G1000 NXi upgrade is now available for the Phenom 100 & 300! Experience the most up-to-date avionics system for your Phenom. In addition to avionics, we have been an authorized service center for Phenom 100 and 300 since 2010. Featuring dedicated factory-trained Embraer technicians, our highly experienced team can deliver your aircraft on time and squawk free. Our nearly 200,000 square foot facility is a one-stop-shop for all of your Phenom needs. With a climate-controlled, down-draft paint facility and new interior design software that shows you your new cabin instantly, we’re fully dedicated to keeping Phenom operators flying!

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The G1000 NXi Upgrade for the Phenom 100 & 300 Includes the Following:

  • 3D Audio
  • ADS-B In
  • SurfaceWatch
  • Auto-Nominate Flight Plan on Startup
  • COM Freq DB Decoding
  • Connext – 1 HZ Data Logging
  • Data Logging Capacity & Duplicate Data Logging
  • Database Update Improvements
  • European Visual Reporting Points
  • Flight Stream 510
  • Generation 2 Electronic Checklists
  • GPS/WAAS Engine 5.2 to Support GAGAN
  • HSI Map
  • Many More!