Pro Line Fusion® in the Citation CJ1+, CJ2+, and CJ3

The Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion upgrade for the CJ1+, CJ2+, and CJ3 is the most advanced avionics system available for these single-pilot jets. The Pro Line Fusion upgrade provides Citation CJ1+, CJ2+, and CJ3 operators with a pilot-friendly, fully-loaded avionics system that has many baseline options. The three 14.1” touchscreen displays come standard with synthetic vision, graphical flight planning, graphical weather, WAAS/LPV, a second FMS, and more. The displays have split-screen windows and dual integrated EFB. The system also has manual controls with a joystick and QWERTY keyboard. Operators can also choose options like data link (VHF), a second GPS, and high-frequency (HF) radio.

More Turbine Avionics Retrofits Than Any Other MRO

At Elliott Aviation, we’ve completed more turbine aircraft avionics retrofits than any MRO in the world. With over 400 full cockpit avionics retrofits, we understand the entire process from the building of the wire harness to the airplane’s checkout and delivery. We also have substantial Collins Aerospace avionics experience as we are the worldwide leader in Pro Line 21™ Modernization, installing more upgrades than any other dealer. We are a 145 repair station for all 525 Citations, and our Des Moines facility is a Williams Authorized Service Center.

Customers choose Elliott Aviation for their Avionics retrofits for the following reasons:

  • We’ve installed over 400 full cockpit retrofits in turbine aircraft
  • We have significant Collins experience – we’re the worldwide leader in Pro Line 21™ Modernization
  • We are a 145-repair station for CJ1+, CJ2+, CJ3, and all other 525 CJs
  • Our Des Moines facility is a Williams Authorized Service Center

Upgrading to Pro Line Fusion eliminates the need to maintain your aging Pro Line 21™ avionics system. Repairing the MFD in your current system could cost as much as $50,000, and a replacement could cost as much as $150,000. Adding a feature like WAAS/LPV to your current Pro Line 21 avionics could cost $150,000 or more. With Pro Line Fusion, you get an entirely new avionics suite with all of the latest features while eliminating the high costs of avionics repair.

Two-Year Warranty and CASP

Every Pro Line Fusion upgrade for the CJ1+, CJ2+, and CJ3 comes complete with a two-year warranty on all new equipment and a CASP coverage on any remaining Collins Aerospace equipment. This includes AOG parts support, no charges for troubleshooting equipment, labor coverage for removal and refit through a Collins Aerospace dealer, and more!

Citation CJ2+ Before

Typical CJ2+ Maintenance and Upgrade Costs

Average MFD Replacement Cost: $150,000

Average WAAS/LPV Upgrade: $175,000

Total: $325,000

Citation CJ2+ After

Average base install: $300,000


•More Reliable

•Many Options

•Two-year warranty

Select Pro Line Fusion Features In-Depth

Standard Features

Synthetic Vision (SVS)

Synthetic vision allows you to get a clear picture of your surroundings regardless of the weather or time of day. It includes terrain and other obstacles as well as a flight path vector. With an additional SVS database, you can also stay oriented with your runway.

Upgraded Flight Management System (FMS)

Upgrading to Pro Line Fusion for the CJ1+, 2+, or 3 provides the latest FMS technology. Using GPS as the primary means of navigation provides more direct routing and enables LPV approaches to get you into more airports. It also shares takeoff and arrival data with IFIS and SVS automatically.

Integrated EFB (IFIS)

The integrated EFB shares flight plan information between the IFIS and FMS automatically, significantly increasing situational awareness and decreasing workload. This feature allows for overlaying your flight plan on graphical weather, automated chart selection, aircraft positioning on charts, and more. The integrated EFB allows for:

  • SIDS
  • STARs
  • Approach
  • Airport charts
  • XM WX Satellite Weather®
  • Chart link
  • Enhanced maps with intersections and airways
  • Geographical boundaries

High-Frequency (HF) Radio (optional)

This option provides your aircraft with worldwide communication capabilities. Tuned directly from the Pro Line Fusion system, the HF system allows tuning of over 280,000 frequencies. When operated in discrete frequency mode, it has USB, UD, CW, LSB, LD, and AM equivalent operation. There are 99 channels that can all be programmed by the user in any mode.

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