The Next Generation of Avionics Solutions for Your Hawker

Elliott Aviation now installs Honeywell Primus Epic CDS/R Phase V and NZ-2010 WAAS FMS6.1 software 03040 upgrades in the Hawker 800A/B/XP. The Honeywell Primus Epic CDS/R display is a fully integrated avionics suite with optional Jeppesen charts and datalink weather. It features three 8″x10″ liquid crystal displays with excellent contrast ratios that are easy to read even in bright sunlight. The retrofit also reduces the weight of the aircraft by an average of 50 pounds.

The combination of the Primus Epic CDS/R and NZ-2010 6.1 software 03040 is the best solution available for Hawker operators. Even better, you get unmatched service with a personal touch from a leader in avionics retrofits.

Primus Epic® CDS/R is a flexible, scalable, versatile, and integrated avionics suite. It interfaces with existing equipment and sensors (Honeywell’s or other manufacturers’) resulting in an economical and technically advanced system that positions the aircraft well to meet current and future mandates. Primus Epic® CDS/R offers immediate substantial benefits like improved situational awareness achieved by integrating display of multiple sources of information resulting in enhanced human factors experience. In addition, there are considerable reductions to system weight, parts count, and power consumption while improving reliability resulting in the reduced overall cost of ownership and operations.

Hawker Avionics Before

Hawker Avionics After


The Primus Epic CDS/R offering has been designed to interface with a wide variety of legacy analog and digital equipments and sensors, as evidenced by the 15 platform STCs available today, including 14 fixed-wing aircraft and FAR Part 29 Compliance on the Eurocopter Dauphin helicopter.


  • Improved situational awareness by integrating displays of multiple systems (EGPWS, WxRadar, TCAS, etc.) on both PFD and MFD
  • Reduced pilot workload by streamlined and de-cluttered cockpit, improving flight information presentation
  • Facilitates strategic route planning, enabled by optional Advanced File Graphics Server using Jeppesen Charts and XM® Graphical uplink weather*
  • Ease of cross cockpit viewing with the patented “ANGLE VIEW” display technology


  • Reduced maintenance cost and downtime by replacing older electromechanical instruments and CRT displays
  • Increased reliability with the substantial reduction of line replaceable units
  • Increased redundancy to provide better dispatchability with optional fourth or fifth display unit
  • Reduces weight, wiring, and power requirements: 30-100 lbs


  • Scalable system architecture provides flexibility to integrate many subsystems (One System/Part Number – Multiple Platforms)
  • Multiple display configurations (2-5 displays)


  • Demonstrable aircraft resale value improvements – Aircraft Bluebook documented


  • Worldwide Customer Support: (1) Technical Assistance, (2) AOG, (3) R&O, (4) Rentals, (5) Supply Chain Optimization
  • Customer support partnership – Honeywell and OEM

*With optional Advanced File Graphics Server


8”x10” Liquid Crystal Displays

Honeywell’s DU-1080 liquid crystal “ANGLE VIEW” display unit offers crisp, clear, full-color AMLCD electronic flight instrument displays with excellent contrast ratios that are easy to read—even in bright sunlight.

DU-1080 display has proven in-service performance on a fleet of over 1,700 aircraft (approximately 7,000 displays) across both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. Today, these reliable displays have logged well over five million flight hours on various platforms.

IC-1080 Integrated Avionics Computer

The IC-1080 for the Primus Epic® CDS/R system ensures seamless functionality for retrofit aircraft. The architecture allows for one IC to support all interfaces in case of an IC failure. Analog, discrete, and serial data signals are acquired, validated, filtered, and processed before being sent to the display units (DU-1080) for display via a 1 MHz High-Level Data Control high-speed serial data bus. The IC-1080 contains a number of digital and analog interfaces including 32 ARINC 429 channels per IC-1080 to accommodate a wide range of aircraft and system types.

Optional Advanced File Graphics Server (AFGS)

Facilitates real-time display of approach charts, terminal maps, SIDs, and STARs charts integrated onto a moving map display. AFGS also facilitates real-time integration of XM® Weather within ~20-mile range.