Challenger 604 Pro Line Fusion® Upgrades 

The Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion® upgrade program for the Challenger 604 offers an integrated avionics solution that provides enhanced safety and situational awareness for your aircraft. Challenger 604 Pro Line Fusion upgrades modernize the existing Pro Line 4 system by replacing the Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) flight displays, Flight Management Computers (FMC), FMS Control Display Units (CDU), and the Radio Tuning Units (RTU). This avionics next-generation solution replaces the Challenger 604 flight displays with three 14.1″ landscape, touchscreen displays. The system includes synthetic vision, graphical flight planning, and FMS interaction, and NextGen® airspace capability (RNP, LPV). The system has optional MultiScan™ weather radar and upgrade options for FANS and CPDLC. The Pro Line Fusion upgrade for the Challenger 604 is the only upgrade that replaces the soon-to-be-obsolete Pro Line 4 avionics.

More Turbine Retrofits Than Any Other MRO

At Elliott Aviation, we’ve installed more integrated avionics retrofits in turbine aircraft than any other MRO in the world. Our avionics team at our headquarters in Moline, IL is one of the largest and most experienced avionics installation facilities in the United States.

Customers choose Elliott Aviation for Avionics retrofits for the following reasons:

  • We’ve completed 400+ integrated avionics retrofits in turbine aircraft
  • Collins experience – we’re the worldwide leader in Pro Line 21 Modernization™
  • One-stop-shop capabilities to include full maintenance, paint, and interior
  • We’re a 145-repair station for Challenger 604

Challenger 604 Pro Line Fusion® Overview Video

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Challenger 604 Before Pro Line Fusion Upgrade

The current Pro Line 4 system in the Challenger 604 operates with CRT displays that are facing near-term obsolescence. In 2019 Collins announced that due to limited CRT production, the EFD-4077 CRT displays will become obsolete. Repairs are very costly and face significant downtime.

Challenger 604 After Pro Line Fusion Upgrade

A Challenger 604 Pro Line Fusion® upgrade completely replaces the outdated Pro Line 4 avionics with three 14.1″ landscape, touchscreen LCDs. Synthetic vision comes standard, and the system has easy graphical planning and FMS integration.

Keep Your Challenger 604 Flying with Pro Line Fusion®

In December of 2021, Collins will only repair the existing Challenger 604 Pro Line 4 displays with used equipment. This can result in high costs and significant downtime. After December of 2023, repairs of the Challenger 604 Pro Line 4 displays will not be supported. After this time, the only options Challenger 604 operators will have for continued operation will be limited aftermarket avionics availability.

The Challenger 604 Pro Line Fusion upgrade is the only long-term solution to upcoming avionics obsolescence issues. In addition to the continued operation, Pro Line Fusion for the Challenger 604 gives operators the following benefits:

  • Synthetic vision
  • Dual EFB
  • Touchscreen displays
  • Two-year warranty
  • Multiscan™ Weather (optional)
  • NextGen® capability – RNP, LPV (optional)
  • FANS-1A (optional)
  • CPDLC (optional)

An Overview of Select Challenger 604 Pro Line Fusion® Features

Synthetic Vision

The Synthetic Vision System (SVS) included in the Pro Line Fusion upgrade for the Challenger 604 gives operators an enhanced realistic view of the terrain so that you can see in even the most difficult IFR situations. The SVS also provides enhancements like runway highlights and mile markers to help identify destinations.

TCAS 7.1

The Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS), version 7.1 improves upon the earlier system by replacing the “adjust vertical speed, adjust” RA. The TCAS 7.1 upgrade RA requires a level off, rather than one of several vertical speeds, which can become confusing and lead to unsafe operations.

MultiScan™ Wx Radar (Optional)

MultiScan™ weather is an advanced system that has predictive threat detection and analysis. Pilots can overlay weather systems into your flight path to help determine the safest travel routes allowing you to adjust your flight path accordingly.

CPDLC (Optional)

Controller Pilot Data Link Communications or CPDLC is a means of communication between controller and pilot, using text messaging via data link for Air Traffic Control (ATC) communication. This technology replaces the less reliable High Frequency (HF) radio systems with a Very High Frequency (VHF) radio or SatCom system to send and receive messages between pilots and air traffic control digitally. CPDLC provides direct communication between air traffic control and pilots reducing radio congestion and eliminating readback errors. With CPDLC you can take advantage of faster departures at a growing number of U.S.-based airports today, and be future-ready when the en-route phase of flight transitions to text-based communications.