Citation Encore ADS-B Solutions

ADS-B mandates are coming and our Citation Encore solution not only allows you to meet December 31, 2019 ADS-B OUT requirements, but gives you all of the benefits of ADS-B IN! This solution replaces the existing Primus 1000 RMU’s and NAV/COM boxes with the Garmin GTN 750 giving you a more reliable solution with considerably less cost to maintain. Get graphical traffic and weather all to your Bluetooth connected mobile device. It does not require any other modifications or updates to your current EFIS and requires minimal downtime! The solution has seamless cockpit integration including TCAS-II Equipped aircraft and does not inhibit future cockpit upgrades. It includes WAAS/LPV, charts and more. Our Des Moines location can install this solution and take care of any maintenance needs you may have.

Our ADS-B Solution Provides You the Following Benefits:

  • Replaces existing Primus 1000 RMU’s and NAV/COM boxes, which are costly to maintain, with the more reliable Garmin GTN 750’s
  • The only real low cost solution for the Citation Encore which provides subscription free weather FIS-B and Traffic TIS-B. Requires no additional modifications to the existing Honeywell EFIS
  • Includes WAAS/LPV to give you the highest level of situational awareness and open up more airport destinations
  • Backed by Garmin’s 2 year warranty and industry leading product support

The No Gimmics Low Cost Solution for Citation Encore ADS-B Out – The ONLY Solution that INCLUDES ADS-B In, WAAS/LPV and More!

Garmin Parts Included:

  • Features the Garmin GTN 750
  • Dual GTX-3000 Transponders
  • GDL-88 WAAS GPS / ADS-B In receiver
  • Flitestream 110 ADS-B In interface

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