Meeting the Elliott Jets Team

For many that work at Elliott Aviation, Elliott Jets, the aircraft sales side of our company, may not be as familiar. To help us all learn a bit more about the aircraft sales side, here are a few items about Elliott Jets you may not have known.

Elliott Jets…

  • …is an International Aircraft Dealer Association (IADA) Accredited Dealer.
  • …consistently ranks in the Top 10 of Worldwide Brokers in terms of transactions in our category of aircraft.
  • …is a Daher authorized distributor (the exclusive dealer for North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, & Iowa).
  • …is a triple threat – we do Acquisitions, Inventory, and Brokerage deals.

Meet the Team

Working in various areas of the country, the Elliott Jets team acquires, brokers, and sells aircraft. While names may be familiar, we’re going to introduce each team member to the full Elliott Aviation team.

We will start with Steve Davis. Steve has been in the aviation industry for 48 years, and he loves everything about airplanes and aircraft sales. As an Executive Sales Director, Steve works directly with customers. For him, “customers are Elliott Jets highest priority and decisions made up and down the line reflect that.”

What does Steve enjoy about working at Elliott Jets? In short, the people. “Elliott Jets has great people and is a well-oiled machine with well thought out processes in place for everything. It’s also very nice to be affiliated with a one-stop, full service company from: maintenance, avionics, engineering, marketing, paint, interior, line, fuel and hangars, [it] is the perfect match to an aircraft sales company.”

Outside of selling aircraft, Steve himself is a multi-aircraft owner and pilot. As a pilot, he has 19,000+ hours! He is also a flight instructor with CFIIMEIIGI.

Steve Davis – Executive Sales Director, Elliott Jets


We look forward to continuing the introduction to the Elliott Jets team next month!